Valid from 15 March 2017

100 days Cancel and return right

According to the EU Consumer Protection Act, the customer has a 14 day cancel and return right. Additionally, we offer +86 days satisfaction guarantee for exchange and return right. Cancel and Return Rights apply only to unused and merchantable products in the original packaging. The customer pays the delivery costs for the return.

Paste information to return as follows:
customer number
phone number
used payment method information or IBAN bank account for refund
copy of order confirmation

Return address:
Sääskensuontie 129
90310 Oulu

We will not accept cancelling the order more than 14 days for refund or returning and exchange product over 100 days after the date of the contract (purchase transaction).

Once the cancelling or return is accepted, the money will be refundet by used payment method or directly to your account after receiving and processing the return.

Once the exchange has been accepted, the buyer pays the difference to the more expensive product, the cheaper exchange difference is not credited.

Purchases paid with a gift card will be returned to the original payment instrument.

Incidents within 24/48 hours of delivery with signs of damaged package

All our items leave the warehouse with the packaging in perfect condition.

The first thing you should do is check that the number of received packages matches those sent.
Second, inspect each package externally with great care in order to see if there are any signs of it having been hit or mishandled, such as bumps, dents, holes, boxes in poor condition, courier seals or any sign that may lead to suspect that the goods may be damaged. It is mandatory to leave a note and signature on the courier's delivery note, either on paper or digital support (PDA), "PACKAGE VISIBLY DAMAGED" if these signs are present. Not signing a package as VISIBLY DAMAGED and then presenting images that show visible damage to it will mean the incident will automatically be rejected.

If customer informs of an incident within 24 hours of delivery attaching the scanned dispatch note, we can use this document to claim on the shipper's insurance and replace the damaged product with a new one once the incident has been solved.

Incidents between 48 hours and 15 days of delivery

Customer has a 14 day cancel and return right. We will accept the replacement of wrong products. We will pay for the shipping expenses as long as the customer has informed of the incident within 48 hours of delivery, except if we decide to refund the value of the product instead.

Guarantee - Technical support after 15 days of delivery

All products have a 2-year guarantee offered by the manufacturer from the date of delivery except in the case of perishable products or health and hygiene products. Defects caused by negligence, hits, misuse or tampering, wrong voltage or installation, or wear and tear, are not included. In the case of IT products, the guarantee does not cover virus removal, programme restoration or disc reinstallation. In the case of incidents where a claim on the guarantee is justified, the product will be repaired, replaced, returned, or have its price reduced, in compliance with the law.

The guarantee will be void:
If any detail of the guarantee or the proof of purchase is modified, altered or replaced; and/or
If the identification number or the guaranteed product is tampered with or repaired without prior authorisation by the Technical Service.

To make use of the guarantee, you must communicate this through the Contact Area, indicating: Order number Product description Description of Product problem Attached photos in the case of visible damage Each case will be dealt with individually and you will be given the technical service address of each manufacturer for your country or the place where customer must send the product and accessories (with prepaid expenses). It is compulsory to include a copy of the sale's invoice in the package, the Technical Support form given by us and the description of the detected problem.

If official technical support is available, the repair period will be that established by the official technical service.