Benefits for Businesses

  1. Agreed payment options
  2. Large purchases and prices agreed upon by contract
  3. Personal contact person
  4. Request a quote or contact us
  5. VAT-free rates if desired, invoicing broken down by taxes

Sales offers the ability to make top-notch procurement for a job, business gift, a personal gift or a fair at a direct online store. We are a network-based Finnish retail company that is ideally suited for companies looking for cost savings, public administration organizations and associations of all sizes. Our satisfied customers are always from small business owners to large international companies. If you have not yet registered with our customer, do so on the checkout or sign-up page. After registration, add your delivery and billing address to account management. Then everything is ready for order - put your items in the shopping cart and go to checkout. Choose the delivery address and payment method you want. At the end before confirming your order, add an order-specific reference, which may be, for example, the identification number of your business purchase receipt (PO). Finally, click on the order confirmation and follow the progress of your subscription.